Post Coal Prom Queen

We hope you are having a nice day. We are Lily and Gordon - we create music as Post Coal Prom Queen. If you would like to chat you can reach us on this email:

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Post Coal Prom Queen (FKA L-space) are Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone. PCPQ have developed a unique sound by blending organic textures, retrofuturistic synths, and mechanical beats with ambitious pop sensibilities - fused together with Lily's distinct vocals. They have been heard on BBC Radio 1, 6Music, and BBC Radio Scotland, on TV's Made In Chelsea and in the National Library of Scotland film 'Living Proof', charted on Amazing Radio, and garnered international acclaim. Their critically acclaimed debut PCPQ EP and concept rap album Music for Hypercapitalists, alongside triumphant 2021 live shows at the Hidden Door Festival and a headline show in London, cemented PCPQ as one of Scotland's most ambitious and promising acts.


After hugely successful shows supporting Lone Lady (Glasgow) and Stag and Dagger (Edinburgh), in June 2022 PCPQ will debut their first opera - Music for First Contact - at the Hidden Door Festival. It tells the story of first contact with alien intelligence through the lens of the dark forest theory and Scottish identity. The show will feature musical collaborations with Stephanie Lamprea (soprano), Baichuan Hui (piano), Laura Wikie (violin), Calum Cummins (sax) and Johnny Cypher (rap). A prelude single, 'Cartoons and Rocket Fumes' will be released on 14 May. Click here to read more about Music for First Contact.

PCPQ are also working on new music and further collaborations, including collaborations with Fifi Rong (China/UK), Macaroom (Japan), Pallmer (Canada) and their own non-collaborative music. In 2022/2023 the band plans to reschedule their Covid-cancelled live shows in London, Paris, Tokyo, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


“throbbing, frantic (in a good way) and utterly infectious...frankly, they've never sounded better”The Skinny

“They crystallize a vivid miniature world as delicate as a snowglobe” - SNACK

“It practically scorches into being on the back of dark industrial synths like a bomber raid, pulls back the curtain on some thrumming melodicism, and entrusts Lily to siren-song you towards a distant light” - Backseat Mafia

"Unrelenting, impressive stuff" - God Is In The TV

Here are some of the remixes and collaborations we have completed recently