Music for Space Stations

by Post Coal Prom Queen

If you are reading this it is because we emailed you about being a part of our project. Hello! Welcome to Music for Space Stations.

We'd love to hear back from you if you're interested in being a part of what we're doing. Please email us at for a prompt and friendly reply.

Music for Space Stations is a collaborative music and literature project that will explore the concept of Scottish identity in a future where Scotland no longer exists. Set on a fictional space station orbiting Mars after a failed colonisation attempt, Music for Space Stations will take a satirical and explorative look at what it means to be Scottish - either by birth or by choice - through a collaborative concept album, a companion book of short stories and flash fiction, and a unique, immersive live show to be performed at the Hidden Door festival. The project will combine aspects of two cultures often found at opposite ends of the fictional scale; Scotland with its rich history and Japan with its sci-fi aesthetics. The musical aspect of the project will feature musicians in and from Japan and Scotland and will take the form of two experimental symphonies, an electronic pop album, and a collection of ambient works. The proceeds from the music releases and the book will be donated to the Refuweegee charity.

The initial symphony - from which the rest of the musical projects shall derive - will be written in conjunction with the Columbian soprano singer Stephanie Lamprea.

Space station infographic.jpg