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"a Celtic-tinged dystopia in a technicolour which paints over a cold robotic society"
★★★★ - The Wee Review 


"Their best work yet"

Vic Galloway - BBC Radio Scotland


"A thing of beauty...perhaps the greatest thing they've ever done"

Small Music Scene

"a very cleared eyed and adroit analysis of the world"

8/10 - God Is In The TV

"a finely tuned masterpiece"

Discovery Music

"Playful and wide-eyed...drips with humour and optimism"

8/10 - God Is In The TV

"Dazzlingly vivid and visually evocative"

The All Scene Eye

"A higher form of music"

The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Joyously beautiful"

The Ginger Quiff

"Impressive, unusual, and bold"

Trust The Doc

"Waves of musical energy"

LA Music Critic

"If Brian Eno and Harold Budd made a baby on the International Space Station, it would sound like this band's triumphant record"

Darren Loki McGarvey


"Futuristic chillwave...doubled-edged tales of optimistic dystopia”

★★★★ - The Skinny

"A debut album of some repute" - Electronic Sound Magazine

"...bass grooves and transcendental keys, stirring kaleidoscopic mirages for the listener to enjoy" 
★★★★ - The Wee Review

"Dazzling" - Small Music Scene

"timeless in its lush use of sound and mood" - AnalogueTrash

"truly enchanting" - Louder Than War

8.16/10 - Sod Suk Sa

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