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Scottish Electronic duo Post Coal Prom Queen have announced they will release their debut EP ‘PCPQ’ in April 2021. Comprised of Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone, the pair were the prolific songwriting force behind acclaimed band L-space and the three albums released by the group between 2018 and 2020.

Having cut their teeth with L-space, Lily and Gordon have developed a unique sound for PCPQ by blending organic textures, retrofuturistic synths, and mechanical beats with ambitious pop sensibilities that are effortlessly fused together with Lily's distinct vocals.

Emerging in 2020 the duo found their feet with a number of singles including ‘You Wouldn’t Download A Car’ as well as two collaborations with Japanese band Macaroom before setting out to record their debut EP. Arriving in April, the EP is a collection of immersive alt-pop tracks blending classic synth-pop arrangements with ethereal vocals and beautiful imagery-laden lyrics.

‘PCPQ’ finds Lily and Gordon using what they learned from their time in L-space to enhance and expand on their sound. Taking influences from the likes of Boards of Canada, Portishead and Gorillaz and merging them with the duo’s unique electronic style to create what is their most accomplished work to date.

The collaborations with Japanese art-pop innovators Macaroom has had a profound influence on PCPQ and their approach, encouraging them to be more ambitious with

their arrangements as Gordon explains: “it feels like the culmination of the last few years of experimentation and collaboration, something we’ve created without compromise and is a true reflection of our musical ambition.”

The band’s EP finds them working through their anxiety about the future to produce a collection of songs that are thematically hopeful, idealistic and personal while touching on bigger themes of environmentalism and utopian goals. “I wanted to write beautiful and fun music about progress towards a better future and the human experience of getting there” explains Lily, “I think we've captured that in our latest music.”

Before the EP’s release the band will be sharing an exciting new live performance filmed in a unique location and released as part of the Edinburgh based Arts festival Hidden Door. The duo will be performing at an iconic landmark, making them the first non-classical artists to do so. To continue their collaboration with Hidden Door, PCPQ will be broadcasting a number of discussions on 'how people in the arts can work towards a utopian society' in the run up to the Museum of Flight performance.

Post Coal Prom Queen are currently working on their debut album and preparing for live shows when restrictions are lifted. The duo will be curating EPs of collaborative tracks for the Hidden Door (Scotland) and Flourish (Canada) festivals throughout the summer of 2021 as well as releasing several more collaborative releases (
Title TBC Cyberpunk Hip Hop EP, June 2021, further collaborations with macaroom, and collaborative tracks with more internation artists).

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Press Quotes:

“They crystallize a vivid miniature world as delicate as a snowglobe” – Snack Magazine

“Haunting apocalyptic disco” – God Is In The TV


"Soothing and dreamy with cosmic sensibilities" - The Skinny

Instagram: @postcoalpromqueen

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