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Last night from Glasgow proudly presents


Following the critical success of their debut album Kipple Arcadia, L-space return with an ambitious new project - Music for Megastructures. Music for Megastructures is a score for a city that does not yet exist; a city of unimaginable scale, strange technologies, and diverse characters. The music is cinematic in scope and scale, combining influence from the likes of Henryk Górecki and Philip Glass with L-space's unique brand of utopian electro pop. It's a used-universe; beautiful in its imperfection. 


The album is split into four chapters. [Travel] brings the listener into the city, descending from above on an as-yet-undiscovered technology with deep, crushing synths and squalling sirens. [Work] explores the dramatic alienation of a fully automated workforce; bored robots sing to themselves while workers do what they can to stay relevant. [Health] employs utopian strings and optimistic tones to examine the effects of longer lifespans and transhumanism. The album closes with [Life] - a glimpse into the nightlife of the city; virtual reality gambling, automaton jazz, and neon billboards advertising unobtainable products


Music for Megastructures is a statement of intent from L-space. They're here to soundtrack the future to make the present a bit more beautiful. It will be released on all major digital platforms on the 19th of April 2019.

For more information please contact:

L-space at / 07714735500

"a finely tuned masterpiece"

Discovery Music

"Playful and wide-eyed...drips with humour and optimism"

8/10 - God Is In The TV

"Dazzlingly vivid and visually evocative"

The All Scene Eye

"A higher form of music"

The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Joyously beautiful"

The Ginger Quiff

"Impressive, unusual, and bold"

Trust The Doc

"Waves of musical energy"

LA Music Critic

"If Brian Eno and Harold Budd made a baby on the International Space Station, it would sound like this band's triumphant record"

Darren Loki McGarvey

Listen on bandcamp

MfM Front cover.jpg
MfM back cover.jpg


L-space are:

Lily Higham

Gordon Johnstone

Dickson Telfer

Stephen Solo

L-space create unique pop soundscapes using dreamy guitar and retrofuturistic synths interwoven with with grooving bass, catchy beats and Lily's ethereal vocals. They're signed to the innovative Last Night from Glasgow label and, since forming in January 2017, have released three EPs, one album and a string of singles. Their debut album, Kipple Arcadia, was released in September 2018 on pink vinyl and to critical acclaim. They were named one of Vic Galloway's 'Ones to Watch' for 2019.

Music for Megastructures was composed entirely on synth with the exception of the bass lines on tracks 5, 6, 12 and 15. 

Praise for Music for Megastructures:

"A finely tuned masterpiece"
Discovery Music

"Playful, wide-eyed...drips with humour and optimism"
God Is In The TV Zine.

"Joyously beautiful"

"Proof not only that life exists on other planets, but that it has evolved to create a higher form of music"

The Devil Has The Best Tuna

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