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Music for
First Contact

'Music For First Contact', the accomplished new album from Post Coal Prom Queen, explores humanity’s first contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence through the prism of political satire, Scottish identity and the cosmic sociology of cult sci-fi author Cixin Liu.


Fusing elements of contemporary jazz and serene neo-classical with smart songwriting, nostalgic synths, ethereal vocals and rhythms created via their own version of Morse Code, 'Music For First Contact' is a galactic pop opera which aims high and hits the bullseye of both accessibility and ambition.

Music for First Contact is out now. 

"as prescient and visionary as their avant-garde capabilities"

The Skinny - ★★★★



Scots Magazine


"a deep and intensely satisfying listen"

Snack Magazine



The List

"an absorbing listen...epic"

The Scotsman - ★★★★



"heights of perfection...cinematic, delicate beauty"

Clash - 8/10

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Want to make first contact with PCPQ?

Email us here.

Wheeling through the void
The second single from Music for First Contact is out now.

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Free Radio Phobos
The First single from Music for First Contact is out now.

Click here to find it on your favourite streaming monolith.

Music for First Contact live

The Debut

Music for First Contact debuted at the 2022 Hidden Door Festival to a sold out audience. Throughout the day the festival attendees voted on whether or not humanity should make first contact with extraterrestrials. It was announced during the show that 92% of people were in favour of making contact.

The Cast

Post Coal Prom Queen (PCPQ) are Lily Higham and

Gordon Johnstone 


Soprano vocals on tracks 1-3,5-8 - Stephanie Lamprea

Violin on tracks 1,2,4,5,7 - Laura Wilkie

Saxophone on tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8 - Calum Cummins

Piano on tracks 1,5 - Baichuan Hui

Synth bass on track 2 and guitar on track 7 - Phil McBride

Everything else by PCPQ.


Produced and mixed by PCPQ and Phil McBride at

The Sonic Lodge recording studio in Edinburgh.

Mastered by Louis Lemoine-Soubeyrat. 

For more information click here.


PCPQ designed a series of propaganda posters to encourage attendees at the Hidden Door Festival to vote in the upcoming referendum on First Contact. You can find them below - click on the thumbnail to make them bigger.

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